Do You Know Wireless Headphones?

Do You Know Wireless Headphones?

Some advice about wireless headphones

If you try to find out the possible health problems of wireless Bluetooth headsets, you will find the following:

Bluetooth can cause nerve cell death and depression.

It increases the risk of cancer and rare tumors.

They are dangerous, but you can use protective trinkets to protect yourself.

They can microwave your brain.

These answers and more answers you will find. Let’s face it; any normal person who sees this will be afraid and cautiously use Bluetooth headsets. They will think that the habit of listening to their favorite jam music through wireless earbuds will cause them to develop cancer , attack their cells, and destroy their brains. But did you know? Bluetooth headsets don’t burn the brain or kill your cells; they also won’t cause tumors or cancer. There is no scientific discovery or evidence to support the view that Bluetooth is harmful to wireless headsets.

After use wireless headphones, wipe off the sweat and other things secreted by the human body on the surface of the earphone. The sweat and grease secreted by the human body, if not wiped off in time, can easily penetrate into the gaps of the earphones , thereby corroding the internal components of the earphones, and these secretions can also easily lead to the aging of the wires.

Clean regularly. After using the Bluetooth headset for a long time, dirt, sweat, and other dirt will accumulate on the surface and crevices of the headset. You need to clean it with neutral soapy water, soft tools, and a toothbrush. For those , you can use cotton swabs or toothpicks to clean the stains that are not easy to remove.

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