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    Available to print customer logo and personalized package. Accept product customization, low mini. order quantity to start.

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    Our product price is competitive and have advantage. For the same quality, our price is 10-30% lower than the market


    Our products are CE RoHS approval, and our factory ISO9001:2010 marked. It is ok to do UL, TUL, CR, etc certificates if needed.


    We provide at least one year or above product quality guarantee. If there is any defective, we will replace for free.


    We have experienced shipping forwarder, available to do shipping by air express, sea, and even door to door service.


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    About DADOCER

    Business Type – Manufacturer/Factory

    Main Products – Wireless Earphone, Headphone, Bluetooth Headset

    Location- Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China.

    Plant Area – 3000 Square Meters

    Management system Certification – Iso 9001, CE, FCC, CCC, RoHs, REACH, BQB etc.

    OEM/ODM Availability – Yes

    We are china wireless earphone manufacturer which located in Shenzhen city with more than 10 years production experience.  As professional bluetooth headset factory & supplier, we do OEM order and ODM order. Accept small trial order at wholesale price. Customer can make their personlized package. Shenzhen Dadocer Technology Co., Ltd  is committed to providing customers with stable & superior earphone, headphone, mobile consumer electronics goods.

    Certificates of CE, FCC, ISO, RoHS, EMC and so on. We always take quality seriously. All items have to be 100% by several tests before packing and shipment. Our laboratory is fully equipped with professional testing equipments. We guarantee the prdudct quality, any give good after sales service.The fields of use involve mobile phones, cars, furniture, and outdoor and so on.


    Our Certificates

    As a professional wireless earphone manufacturer,
    our factory has passed CE, ISO, FCC, RoHs, REACH, EMC etc certificates.


    Frequently - Asked Questions

    Yes, Shenzen Dadocer Technology Co. Ltd manufactures and offers bulk wholesale earbuds within a reasonable price range without compromising on quality.

    As one of the leading wholesale headphone suppliers, Dadocer has an extensive collection of bulk wholesale earbuds. So, the company’s flexibility and adherence to competitive prices is a distinguished option for every music enthusiast.

    Yes, it does. The team has a stringent quality check wing dedicated to ensuring that every product is manufactured within the best possible industry standards.

    The wholesale headphone suppliers at Dadocer are available 24/7 and hence you can reach them anytime you want.

    Yes, you can get noise-canceling wholesale wireless earphones at Dadocer.

    Usually, our minimum order quantity of wireless earphone is 1000pcs.

    Yes, you can buy any samples for test, see and evaluation before bulk ordering.


    Bluetooth Headset - Wholesale - Articles

    A treat for audiophiles across the globe, earbuds, neckband earphones, and headphones are revolutionizing the way we feel sound. Technology has advanced dynamically in the past few decades and one epitome of the high-octane tech landscape is the Bluetooth headphones neckbands that are a personal favorite of consumers globally. Ranging from streaming Netflix and binge-watching shows on popular OTT platforms to feeling the soul-cracking beats of high-bass music, Bluetooth headphones neckbands have become a household name. Take a quick look around you and you would see tech-driven commodities like wireless earbuds, earphones, and more that keep you connected to a virtual world.


    Staying hooked with the best quality sound

    With the inception of wireless technology, the world is visualizing and experiencing music from an entirely new dimension. Technologies like Bluetooth headphones neckbands and earbuds from the best Wireless earphone suppliers have crept into our lives seamlessly. Who doesn’t love the charm of a cableless mess-free experience? Well, when you pick earbuds or Bluetooth earbud headphones from the leading wireless earphone suppliers you step into the world of the latest technology. Amidst tech geeks who are proactive in aligning their demands with the latest technology, you get to make your place and pick something that suits your lifestyle far better than the messy wired headphones.


    Although these electronic goods have envisioned an entirely new dimension of reality for techies and audio enthusiasts, getting your collection of Bluetooth earbud headphones or for that subject matter, any electronics won’t be your cup of tea if you are working on a budget. That’s when wholesale suppliers come into the big picture. You can pick a wholesale supplier partner who offers factory rates on bulk purchases without compromising on the quality. Curious to find more about Bluetooth earbud headphones or shop for earbuds from industry-leading wireless earphone suppliers? We might have some information for you!

    The absence of cables in Bluetooth earbuds gives the user unlimited mobility. Everything is now possible with Bluetooth earphones, including jogging or running on treadmills, cooking and cleaning the house, giving a presentation in the conference room, and listening to music while driving. The goal of wireless technology is to provide a wide range of movement. You can roam around freely whenever you want and anywhere you want with the brand-new Bluetooth earbuds.


    It is not necessary to always carry the audio source with you, which is a major nuisance when using wired headphones. Avoid messing around with the cables. Instead, ditch those clumsy cables by using Bluetooth earbuds. In case you are looking for Wireless earbuds in bulk, Dadocer is your one-stop solution to get the best quality products at unbeatable prices. Ranging from Waterproof neckband earphones and battery display Bluetooth 5.1 earbuds with IPX5 to highly cost-effective Hi-Fi True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth earbuds with noise canceling properties, variety is the spice of life at Dadocer when it comes to wireless earbuds in bulk.

    Are you looking for Custom bulk earbuds with no minimum orders? Well, then Dadocer can offer you a sizeable upgrade on your regular earphones within a cost-effective price range. There are several extra features included with custom Bluetooth neckband headphones and earbuds. Wireless technology is for you if you enjoy trying out new features. Wireless Bluetooth neckband headphones and earbuds have evolved to be ideal for our contemporary lifestyle. From cases that serve as charging boxes to super-sensitive control pads that adjust every part of your music listening experience, custom wireless earbuds provide several additional functions. They have unique features for using virtual reality interfaces and are simpler to control. With custom wireless earbuds, changing music mode, speed, and volume is simple as a cakewalk.

    Searching for bulk earbuds for sale? Keen about the sound quality and immersive audio experience with the best neckband earphones? Well, you can always rely on the best neckband earphones from Dadocer. As one of the leading wholesale headphone suppliers, Dadocer offers bulk earbuds with cases that have unmatched sound quality. Listen to your favorite podcasts or jump on your favorite beats while you are gymming. The options are limitless with the best Bluetooth earbud headphones.

    Amidst the crowd of brand limelights, finding the best wireless earphone manufacturers isn’t an easy feat. However, in case you are searching for the best wireless earbuds manufacturers, Dadocer can be your one-stop alternative. Explore our collections to find Wholesale wireless earbuds that tick all your boxes. Get all of your preferred colors and features in one spot. The user-friendliness of the device is maximized by the meticulous design of every component. The following are some reasons to choose your preferred Bluetooth earbuds from Dadocer:


    • Adaptive Design
    • Excellent Bluetooth Range
    • Long-lasting batteries
    • Attractive Aesthetics and Appearance
    • Portable and Handy
    • Reasonable Prices


    Do you need wholesale wireless earbuds with fantastic battery backup? Shop from the handpicked collection at Dadocer right away to enjoy hours of music without interruption.

    A key factor in choosing true wireless headphones is sound quality. This is mostly because of how wireless audio transmission works when going from an audio source to headphones. In contrast to corded headphones,


    • The source of the digital audio signal must be compressed.
    • and then transmittedvia a wireless technique like Bluetooth to headphones.
    • Receiving the transmission, the headphone will decode the digital signal into the analog mode.


    Sound quality may deteriorate due to wireless transmission and compression along the route. You should be aware that some factors can impact sound quality.


    • the separation between the source and the headphones
    • how many obstacles (such as walls) stand between the source and the headphones
    • Bluetooth audio codecs that are supported by your headphones and source

    Are you looking for wholesale Bluetooth earbuds that get you the best of both technology and aesthetics? While looking for wholesale Bluetooth earbuds is the price your primary consideration or are you worried about the quality? Fret not, Dadocer brings you a wide array of wholesale Bluetooth earbuds that can be a treat to your ears without blowing a hole in your pocket.

    • Wireless Wholesale Earphone & Manufacturers

    Among the bewildering range of wireless earbud manufacturers, Dadocer tops the list for the best waterproof neckband earphones because of its unscathed dedication to quality. Whether it is about supplying bulk cheap earbuds timely in wholesale or being a one-stop platform for an extensive array of Bluetooth headsets wholesale online, Dadocer is one of the leading wireless earbuds manufacturers.

    • Bluetooth Neckband Headphones at Best Price

    In addition to all the surface factors, getting the best neckband earphones online involves different factors. One of them is the battery life which is a soft underbelly of wireless headphones. Due to their relatively smaller size, some wireless earbuds manufacturers often find it challenging to fit bigger rechargeable batteries. However, Dadocer has mastered the art.

    • Choosing Durable Wireless Headphones:

    It’s not surprising that wireless headphones will soon become commonplace in this era of cable-cutting, comfort-loving customers. Are you on the fence to get your hands (or ears) on a pair of truly wireless headphones? Well, with the enormous variety of possibilities out there, here are a few factors that you must take into account before getting Bluetooth headsets wholesale. It transcends in manufacturing Bluetooth neckband headphones at the best price that has extended battery life for uninterrupted music.


    For one, you need to look into the specifications like battery life, weight, dimensions, features, and more.


    When you are buying Bluetooth headsets wholesale ensure that they are reliable. You can also look for a warranty in case you are buying Bluetooth headsets wholesale.


    Ensure whether the Bluetooth earphones are easy to use or too complicated and try to get Bluetooth headsets wholesale online instead of shopping from brick-and-mortar stores because they are more accessible.


    Take a close look at the ratings of the best neckband earphones online


    Compare the ratings and go through the reviews to find the one that suits your needs and budget.


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