R & D Center


Software and hardware team are main parts of Dadocer R & D dept., undertake software and hardware development working on audio video and charger. With fundamental aim of innovation and customer service, brought together a group of highly qualified software & hardware development professionals, with 100% bachelor degree or above , 80% of them with more than 5 years of work experience. Providing high-quality, feature-rich software products relying on the hardware platform developed by the company. Establish a complete set of development management and reliability verification process, from project approval to project delivery are implemented strictly in accordance with the development control process to ensure that the output is stable and reliable.


With 4 years of technology accumulation, our R&D dept. always close to the forefront of market development. Our products developed with independent intellectual property rights, and access to dozens of utility model patents and software copyrights registration.


R&D center: 20+ team members, Engineers include product manager, ID design engineer, electroacoustic engineer, graphic designer, mold engineer, test engineer.