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Evolution of the consumer electronics industry The consumer electronics goods market has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the demand and supply of electronic items all over the world. That is so because any equipment/instrument or machinery that you may see around yourself will surely have electronics engineering incorporated into it. The electronics industry has invented and developed so many technological marvels that it has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. Consumer electronics goods such as smart android TVs, Bluetooth neckband [...]

Electronic Gadgets That Have Completely Changed Within A Matter Of Years

Electronic Gadgets That Have Completely Changed Within A Matter Of Years Some of the most prominent signs of modern-day technological advancement are compactness in the size of gadgets (especially consumer electronics goods), stuffing in of more power inside them, and increased interconnectedness of devices. With each passing day, electronic gadgets are getting smaller and more compact in size. One of the aspects of the compactness of electronic gadgets is making them wire-free or wireless. Take for example earphones. Not so long [...]

Thanksgiving Day

We take this great time to thanks all of our customers, all our staff. Thanks our family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving Day !     

How To Properly Maintain The Bluetooth Headset

Every day the dust in the air and sweat on the body will have a certain impact on the Bluetooth headset. Only if the Bluetooth headset is well maintained, wearing it will be a kind of enjoyment. Today we will tell you how to take care of your Bluetooth headset . Do not do these to your Bluetooth headset The quality of the Bluetooth headset is not bad, not fallen and not into the water, but always somehow not good to [...]

FAQ about Bluetooth Headsets

  How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a cell phone? Bluetooth headset does not turn on? The headset is stuck or disconnected when talking or listening to songs? Are you stuck with these problems? Don’t worry, we will solve them for you one by one. Q1. How to connect the Bluetooth headset to my cell phone? First, when you get the Bluetooth headset, first open the Bluetooth headset. The general Bluetooth headset has a key and a MODE key, long-press the [...]

Clean The Wireless Bluetooth Headset To Maintain Ear Health

    Careful cleaning and storage of  the wireless bluetooth headsets can extend their life. Regular cleaning can also better maintain the health of the ears. Master the cleaning tips and make your earphones look new!   How to clean a wireless bluetooth headset 1. Remove the ear cap from the earphone 2. Use a cotton swab dipped in warm water to clean the hole in the middle of the ear cap and let it air dry. 3. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth/alcohol cotton [...]

Considerations When Choosing a Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

In the past few years, neckband earphone has become very popular. Whether you are commuting to get off work on the subway, sweating in a gym, or running on a muddy trail, you might see people wearing them. Today I’d like to talk about the considerations you have to take when choosing it. Is the sound quality good? Because As a pair of earphones, good sound quality is the basic equipment, so your preferred earphones need to have good sound quality. [...]