How To Repair Bluetooth Headset

How To Repair Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are now natural. Everyone likes wireless Bluetooth audio equipment. In some cases, you find that your Bluetooth headset device is not working properly, or the Bluetooth headset wire may be broken. If you have a cheaper headset, then the repair cost may be higher than the original value. So, in all cases, you can repair your headphone in a simple and systematic way.

Repair steps:

I have divided all the questions into several parts. This makes it easier to find a solution to the problem.

The problem of wire break:

The main problem with the headset is the broken wire. These problems are easy to solve.

If you find that the wire of the main charging unit is broken. Then you must turn on the charging unit. Then from that side, you will find that 2 solder pads are broken.

Now you will need a soldering iron to connect the wires to the PCB.

If your headphone wire is disconnected from the earphone, then you need to turn on the headset carefully. If you break it, it will look unprofessional.

Find which wire is open-circuited, and then use a soldering iron and solder it.

Bluetooth Headset

Battery backup problem:

This problem appeared in the old Bluetooth headphone . In some cases, the battery may be damaged.

In some cases, the Micro-USB port of the Bluetooth headset does not work. In this case, a repair will be difficult. You need to replace the USB port with a new one.

Generally speaking, the battery of a Bluetooth battery will not be easily damaged.

Charging issues:

Make sure you are using a working charger.

Check your USB to micro USB cable.

If something is not working, then it will be an internal circuit failure.

Check whether the USB charging port is damaged.

Problems with the microphone:

Check whether the MIC wire is connected. If the Bluetooth MIC wire is not connected, the wire should be soldered with a soldering iron.

Under normal circumstances, the MIC will not be damaged. If it is damaged, go to the nearest electronics store to buy a MIC, and then replace it with a new one, and your problem will be solved.

Hope this helps to repair the headset.

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