Six Ways To Maintain Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

Six Ways To Maintain Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

There are 6 ways to maintain  Wireless Bluetooth Headsets .

  1. Try to avoid using it in a cold outside environment. In winter, the ear cords become harder and more brittle. Excessive bending can easily damage the outer shell of the headphone line.
  2. Keep away from chemicals. The shell of the Bluetooth earphone generally adopts a paint spraying process, and the paint is easily soluble in acid chemicals. Therefore, if the earphones accidentally come into contact with acidic chemicals, it is easy to cause the earphone shell to lose paint and discolor.
  3. After use, wipe off the sweat and other things secreted by the human body on the surface of the earphone. The sweat and grease secreted by the human body, if not wiped off in time, can easily penetrate into the gaps of the earphones, thereby corroding the internal components of the earphones, and these secretions can also easily lead to the aging of the wires.
  4. Clean regularly. After using the Bluetooth headset for a long time, dirt, sweat, and other dirt will accumulate on the surface and crevices of the headset. You need to clean it with neutral soapy water, soft tools, and a toothbrush. For those , you can use cotton swabs or toothpicks to clean the stains that are not easy to remove.
  5. Try to avoid touching and rubbing sharp objects. The shell of the Bluetooth headset is generally made of engineering plastic materials, and the surface is generally made of rubber oil technology, electroplating/vacuum electroplating, and other processes. Touching and rubbing the earphones with sharp objects can easily cause the surface of the housing to be painted or scratched. Mark, thereby affecting the appearance of the headset.
  6. The charging time should not be too long and do not use other chargers to charge. It is best not to charge for more than 10 hours when charging. Overcharging will affect the service life of the battery cell. In addition, Bluetooth headsets have standard chargers . Some people will use other chargers after losing the charger. Doing so can easily cause the battery to explode. Just be careful.

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