How To Properly Maintain The Bluetooth Headset

Every day the dust in the air and sweat on the body will have a certain impact on the Bluetooth headset. Only if the Bluetooth headset is well maintained, wearing it will be a kind of enjoyment. Today we will tell you how to take care of your Bluetooth headset .

Do not do these to your Bluetooth headset

The quality of the Bluetooth headset is not bad, not fallen and not into the water, but always somehow not good to use. If your headset often appears in this situation, maybe the following moves!

⊗ New Bluetooth headset to the hands immediately turns the volume to the maximum, very easy to make the headset inside the diaphragm damage, so that the diaphragm lost elasticity, affecting the sound quality of headphones.

⊗ Use toothpicks or paper towels to clean up the Bluetooth headset, resulting in paper dust and other entry blocking the headset.

⊗ Wired headphones regularly pull the headphone cable, so that it is separated from the headphone cable, which can easily lead to the internal breakage of the headphone cable.

⊗ Bluetooth headphones that do not fit in the ear are easy to fall off and lose or fall to the ground and break.

The correct ways to maintain the Bluetooth headset

• Regular cleaning and inspection

Many people don’t think about the regular cleaning and checking of Bluetooth headsets. I want to tell you that such an idea is very wrong. In fact, the headset is the “disaster area” to hide dirt, many human dead skin cells and Regularly wipe the outside of the Bluetooth headset with bacteria and cotton swabs, this cleaning and inspection will not only prevent the Bluetooth headset bacteria from causing ear infection but also give us a better listening experience. Never use abrasive solvents to clean your Bluetooth headset. A soft cloth, a little warm water, or a little soap is perfectly adequate when cleaning your Bluetooth headset, and be sure to avoid letting water or soap solution seep into the headset.

• Keep away from strong magnetic fields and humid environments

Store your Bluetooth headset in a dry environment, away from magnetic fields. Humidity can cause your Bluetooth headset to rust and become severely off-key. Magnetic substances can affect the sensitivity of the Bluetooth headset and cause damage to the sound of the Bluetooth headset. If you do not use the Bluetooth headset for a long time, do not expose the Bluetooth headset to liquid or moisture, the temperature between -10°C and 60°C, it is recommended to use the packaging box. The installed Bluetooth headset must be placed in a dry environment, idle for more than a month to remember to charge on time to ensure the normal operation of the battery performance.

• Volume should be moderate

Listen to the song when you want to choose the appropriate volume. If the volume is too loud for a long time, it will damage the ear hearing, on the other hand, the Bluetooth headset itself because the output power is too large, in serious cases it will burn the voice coil, affecting its service life and effect.

• Warm up your new headset

Warm up is an important part of the initial use of a new headset. Before the official use, you need to let the new headset work continuously for a period of time to achieve the best performance and sound quality of the headset. Headset maintenance generally needs to go through the following steps.

(1) to ordinary headphones, for example, just start with some soft music, at a lower volume to let the headphones first soothe 10 to 30 hours.

(2) Then use ordinary headphones in a medium volume state to use 100 to 200 hours.

(3) If at this point listening to the volume is not harsh, become round and natural, warm and friendly midrange, low frequency is no longer mixed into a rumble, and full of detail, this time the headphones and users will gradually break- in.

(4) headphone maintenance focus on maintaining the diaphragm of the headphones, in the bonded voice coil and fixed in the skeleton, and the assembly stress, so that the diaphragm gradually smooth the process of issuing good sound.

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