How To Increase Bluetooth Headset Battery Life

How To Increase Bluetooth Headset Battery Life

I believe that many drivers and friends have such troubles, and it is inconvenient to answer the phone while driving. The emergence of Bluetooth headsets  has solved this problem well. Let’s avoid annoying wires and talk easily in various ways.

So how do you charge the battery of a Bluetooth headset? Speaking of this question, maybe some friends are thinking, is it not simple enough to charge a Bluetooth headset? Insert the plug directly and turn on the power. In fact, Bluetooth headset charging is still very skilled, the correct charging method can maintain the life of Bluetooth. Let me introduce how to charge the Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth headset charging process

Choose the correct charger. General Bluetooth headsets have dedicated chargers. If you don’t have a dedicated charger, you can find a charging interface (some are small round holes, some are MiniUSB universal interfaces), which have the same rated output power as the charger.

When charging, insert all plugs. Don’t just insert more than half of it. Long-term insertion will damage the machine. When plugging and unplugging the charging plug, be lighter, otherwise, the plug will loosen after a long time.

Bluetooth headset

If the Bluetooth headset is inserted into the base or charging box to charge, the charging time will be longer than charging the Bluetooth headset directly. The charging method is the same as charging the earphone directly, just insert the charging cable into the hole of the base.

When the battery is charging, the red indicator light is on, indicating that it is charging. After charging is complete, the indicator light turns blue and the charger is detachable.

Try not to use the Bluetooth headset again when charging to avoid accidental damage.

Bluetooth headset charging time

The Bluetooth headset battery is not fully charged at the factory. In order to fully activate the battery, charge it for 6-8 hours for the first three times. Charge for 2-3 hours each time. When charging, it usually lights up in red. If the light is off, the power supply is full.

In order to achieve the longest battery life, it is necessary to master the correct method of charging Bluetooth headsets, that is, only charge when the battery is low.

Bluetooth headset life

The normal life of a Bluetooth headset is generally related to battery life. The number of battery recharges is approximately 500 times. In other words, the normal service life is about 2 years. The battery of an ordinary Bluetooth headset can talk continuously for 8- 10 hours, listen to music for 6-8 hours, and stand for 15-30 days. The battery life of a Bluetooth headset is mainly related to the quality of the battery. Good quality wireless Bluetooth headset  battery can be used for 2-3 years.

Bluetooth headset charging time

The charging time of a single-ear Bluetooth headset is generally no more than 3 hours. This is the best charging time. Everyone knows that the lithium battery inside the Bluetooth headset is small and the charging time is useless. It is not like our mobile phone battery, it can extend the charging time. A better and more accurate explanation should be that, as long as the charging indicator of the Bluetooth headset does not flash, it means that the charging is full, then we do not need to recharge and can unplug the power supply.

The Bluetooth headset is also an electronic product with a built-in battery and a long battery charging life. Generally, the battery charging cycle is 300 to 500 times. The more the number of charges, the lower the ability to continue to charge the battery . This is the characteristic of the battery. Therefore, the endurance ability will be worse and worse, and some low-end Bluetooth headsets use poor batteries, and the actual number of cycles is less than 100 times.

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