FAQ about Bluetooth Headsets


How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a cell phone? Bluetooth headset does not turn on? The headset is stuck or disconnected when talking or listening to songs? Are you stuck with these problems? Don’t worry, we will solve them for you one by one.

Q1. How to connect the Bluetooth headset to my cell phone?

First, when you get the Bluetooth headset, first open the Bluetooth headset. The general Bluetooth headset has a key and a MODE key, long-press the MODE key or key to turn on. After opening, some of the lights will keep flashing. At this point, you must first long-press the MODE key, and keep pressing until the indicator light has been kept in a blue long light state. Only at this time, the Bluetooth headset is in the searchable state. This way you can search for the Bluetooth headset.

After you set the Bluetooth headset to be searchable, open your phone’s Bluetooth and follow the normal method of using Bluetooth transmission, “Search for more devices”, a device will appear with “Bluetooth headset model”. Then it’s easy, choose to connect this device, and it will then pop up a box, is the password, see what the default password of your Bluetooth headset, the manual should have. After entering the password there will be a box that pops up, which probably means that you have to confirm whether to connect the Bluetooth headset without searching later, choose yes.

Open the phone Bluetooth program, select – pairing devices – options – new pairing devices – OK. At the same time, press and hold the headset’s on/off button for 5 seconds (in the case of powering off the headset), the headset will enter the pairing state.

Q2.Why does the Bluetooth headset automatically pause when listening to songs?

1. Bluetooth pairing is not normal. The phone will sometimes falsely pair, showing a reminder that it is paired. In fact, the pairing is not successful. This problem can be checked on the leftmost widget page of the phone to check the self- test. If the pairing is successful, the battery of the widget will show the power of the left and right headset and the charging case of the headset. The unpaired headset is not displayed.

2. Headset power level. When the headset power is too low, there will also be headphones listening to songs that always pause the problem, give the headset a full charge that can be revived!

3. Mistake touch. Generally for wearing headphones when wearing skewed results in the sensor is too close to the outer ear sockets and cheeks or even stick to. Mis-touch is the most likely cause of such problems and is one of the most common causes .

4. Wrong way to wear. Because the headset supports in-ear detection when wearing bad or wearing too loose can lead to headset misjudgment and lead to suspension.

Q3. Why does the Bluetooth headset not turn on?


1. The button time is not long enough.

2. Bluetooth headset battery power is low or the battery is dead.


1. Bluetooth boot time is long-press the function key for about 4 seconds before it will boot up.

2. Use the charger to charge the Bluetooth headset for more than 1 hour and then try again.


1 headset charging power indicator does not light up, check whether the charger and AC power plug power connection is connected.

2. If the battery is completely dead, you need to connect the power light will be on, when the battery is fully charged LED light and go out.

Q4. Is it necessary to buy a chip headset at a high price, the sound quality will be better?

This question is very subjective, it is difficult to answer, but also many people ask. Because the sound quality is difficult to qualify and quantify, the simplest approach is to determine the sound quality than the specifications. This concept is quite prevalent, but in fact, buying headphones abroad is rarely the case. High specifications of the chip does not necessarily have a direct relationship with the audio. Good sound quality headphones and the entire headphone cavity related. So if the pursuit of sound quality players, the best solution is to audition live. Otherwise is to choose a big headset brand to ensure that there is better sound quality.

Q5. Why is Bluetooth connected but can not listen to songs?


1. Mobile phone Bluetooth settings reasons.

2. Bluetooth headset is monaural.

3. The phone’s media volume is set to a minimum.


1. Try to use the phone’s own player, play local songs to test.

2. Check the Bluetooth settings and switch the sound path to a hands-free device. 3.

3. try to enter the Bluetooth settings – connected. Press the prompt whether the phone audio and media audio have ticked.

4. Individual phones do not have a full stereo Bluetooth module, no Bluetooth music listening function. You can connect to other cell phones to check if the Bluetooth headset is available.

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