Considerations When Choosing a Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

In the past few years, neckband earphone has become very popular. Whether you are commuting to get off work on the subway, sweating in a gym, or running on a muddy trail, you might see people wearing them. Today I’d like to talk about the considerations you have to take when choosing it.

Is the sound quality good?

Because As a pair of earphones, good sound quality is the basic equipment, so your preferred earphones need to have good sound quality. However, sound quality is relative, and there are few factors that distinguish good from bad. after all, for some people , sound quality is a matter of personal preference. The best way is to play at maximum volume. This is because poor quality headphones will produce harsh sound at this level.

In addition, different usage applications have different requirements for the sound quality.

Often listen to Podcasts and audio books: the intermediate frequency is prominent and the sound is clear;

Often listen to heavy bass and dance music: bass enhancement;

Often listen to classical music: three-frequency equalization;

In addition, unlike true wireless Bluetooth earphones, the battery must be tucked in the earpiece. The earpiece of the neckband Bluetooth headset has more space to use larger speakers, so it provides excellent sound without sacrificing battery life or connection stability. The durability of the earphones is also very important, especially if the earphones are often thrown away or put in the bag if they are not stored properly, or are often used in sports or travel. So spending more money to buy a pair of Bluetooth neckband earphones in high quality workmanship and IP protection level can save more money.

Is the battery life sufficient?

As far as Bluetooth neckband headsets are concerned, battery life is equivalent to convenience. The longer the battery life, the less frequently the battery will run out of power halfway through use. If it’s just an ordinary music listener or movie viewer, then buying a pair of Bluetooth headsets with a battery life of 40 hours may be a bit too much. But most styles of Bluetooth neckband headsets have a battery life of up to 9 hours , which is sufficient for ordinary listeners.

Is it comfortable to wear?

When buying earphones, comfort is also a factor to consider. No matter how good the sound is, if the earphones cannot be worn comfortably, they can only choose to give up in the end. Since the neckband is located at the back of the neck , there is no need to worry about pressing it on the head or ears. However, the material of the neckband will affect the feeling of hanging on the neck, it is generally recommended to choose a softer texture.

Whether it has active noise reduction

Active noise reduction captures external noise and generates reverse waves to offset it to achieve a quiet listening environment. This is a good choice, especially when you are in a noisy area with headphones.

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