Happy China’s Father’s Day !

Happy China’s Father’s Day !

China’s Father’s Day originated in 1945, August 8th, homonym is “father’s Day”. China also is the first country established father’s day officially in the world . What is the meaning of father’s day in China?


On August 8, 1945, the national Anti- Japanese war was won. In order to commemorate the fathers who died for their country in the war, people with lofty ideals in Shanghai put forward the idea of ​​father’s day.


Therefore, Shanghai scholars launched activities to celebrate father’s day, and citizens responded positively to the ceremony. After the victory of the war, people from all walks of life in Shanghai proposed that August 8 be officially designated as father’s day. After discussion, the proposal was passed.


China’s father’s Day embodies the wisdom of the Chinese people. On August 8 (8月8日), the two “八” characters overlap and become the “Father” character after deformation. The pronunciation of the characters is also “father (大) “. August 8 is father’s day, which is creative, smooth, easy to remember and loud.

Father’s day also reflects the traditional Chinese culture, filial piety first.