How To Repair Bluetooth Headset

How To Repair Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth headsets are now natural. Everyone likes wireless Bluetooth audio equipment. In some cases, you find that your Bluetooth headset device is not working properly, or the Bluetooth headset wire may be broken. If you have a cheaper headset, then the repair cost may be higher than the original value. So, in all cases, you can repair your headphone in a simple and systematic way. Repair steps: I have divided all the questions into several parts. This [...]

How To Increase Bluetooth Headset Battery Life

How To Increase Bluetooth Headset Battery Life I believe that many drivers and friends have such troubles, and it is inconvenient to answer the phone while driving. The emergence of Bluetooth headsets  has solved this problem well. Let’s avoid annoying wires and talk easily in various ways. So how do you charge the battery of a Bluetooth headset? Speaking of this question, maybe some friends are thinking, is it not simple enough to charge a Bluetooth headset? Insert the plug directly [...]

Precautions When Buying Bluetooth Earbuds

Precautions When Buying Bluetooth EarbudsBattery LifeBattery life is a very important aspect of wireless earbuds . Manufacturers found it challenging to install large rechargeable batteries in drivers’ homes. However, they have developed a mechanism to put the battery in the charging case. On average, wireless earbuds can be used for 3 hours before being completely emptied. The charging box allows you to listen to the audio for 5-6 hours. It all depends on the model. However, the consumption of battery [...]

Happy China’s Father’s Day !

China’s Father’s Day originated in 1945, August 8th, homonym is “father’s Day”. China also is the first country established father’s day officially in the world . What is the meaning of father’s day in China?   On August 8, 1945, the national Anti- Japanese war was won. In order to commemorate the fathers who died for their country in the war, people with lofty ideals in Shanghai put forward the idea of ​​father’s day.   Therefore, Shanghai scholars launched activities to celebrate father’s [...]

Tips And Tricks: How To Make Your True Wireless Headphones Last Longer

Tips And Tricks: How To Make Your True Wireless Headphones Last Longer Wireless headphones suppliers will share this article with you. Imagine that during your journey to work, you quickly learned to leave your true wireless headphones  at home. A momentary trigger for panic, will you go back and get it? Or will you patronize yourself until you reach your destination? In the most terrible problem of the first world, your headphones or earbuds are the perfect complicities of your smartphone. Whether [...]

Do You Know Wireless Headphones?

Do You Know Wireless Headphones? Some advice about wireless headphones If you try to find out the possible health problems of wireless Bluetooth headsets, you will find the following: Bluetooth can cause nerve cell death and depression. It increases the risk of cancer and rare tumors. They are dangerous, but you can use protective trinkets to protect yourself. They can microwave your brain. These answers and more answers you will find. Let’s face it; any normal person who sees this will be afraid and cautiously use [...]

Six Ways To Maintain Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

Six Ways To Maintain Wireless Bluetooth Headsets There are 6 ways to maintain  Wireless Bluetooth Headsets .Try to avoid using it in a cold outside environment. In winter, the ear cords become harder and more brittle. Excessive bending can easily damage the outer shell of the headphone line. Keep away from chemicals. The shell of the Bluetooth earphone generally adopts a paint spraying process, and the paint is easily soluble in acid chemicals. Therefore, if the earphones accidentally come into contact [...]

Bluetooth Headphones vs. True Wireless Earbuds-Which One To Choose?

Bluetooth Headphones vs. True Wireless Earbuds – Which One To Choose? Bluetooth earphone manufacturer shares this article with you. If you have ever planned to buy a Bluetooth headset, it is likely that you have spent a considerable amount of time deciding whether to buy a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth earbuds. But for most people, the more important question is, what is the difference between the two and how does it matter? If you still wander around this decision point, you [...]

What is the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

What is the Amazon Fire TV Stick? In 2014, Amazon launched the first-generation Amazon Fire TV. A plug-in box that can provide entertainment by broadcasting programs and applications to the TV. Later in the same year, Amazon released the Amazon Fire TV Stick . Fire TV is a set-top box, and Fire TV Stick, as the name suggests, is a plug-in stick. In addition to its smaller size, this TV stick called “Firestick” also has similar functions to “Big Brother”. It can [...]

Do Wireless Bluetooth Headsets Cause Cancer?

Do Wireless Bluetooth Headsets Cause Cancer? A  Bluetooth earphone manufacturer  will share this article with you. Let me ask you a question first: How much do you value your health?-I guess the answer that comes to mind is “a lot”. You might agree with me, we are always looking for a way to improve our health and avoid things that may harm our health, including technology! There is no doubt that worrying about technological innovation is a natural tendency, regardless of whether [...]